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Continuous Improvements and Management Development

BeCT Quality is short for  Bergstedt Core Tools Quality. I have for roughly the past 20 years been working with quality, management issues ans strategic development in a couple of corporations, larger and smaller.

I can contribute to your organisation with training, problem solving (Six Sigma), coaching and management development as written down. In smaller organisations I can provide practical support with customer complaint management, customer satisfaction, internal audits and/or management support/review according to an agreed scheme. Regardless of the size of your organisation I can contribute to the development of your organisation by:

  • Training in improvement methods (Core Tools)
  • Management team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction studies/surveys
  • Internal audits
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma Problem solving methodology

If I can´t assisst you personally, I have several colleges within the network that may have the abilities you need. Please take contact by mail or phone for additional information. We are now certified for process auditing to VDA 6.3 and have a license with VDA-QMC. An official translation of the VDA 6.3 booklet to Swedish is also published.

The sum is the addition of details.

Gunnar Bergstedt